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The Aerodynamics section in the game.

Parts Expansion Required
Some or all of the parts and/or features on this page require the Parts Expansion in-app purchase.

Aerodynamic parts can decrease rockets' drag, and because of that, decrease fuel usage. This page lists all the parts in the Aerodynamics tab of the building menu. Adding aerodynamic parts such as fairings can increase the efficiency of the rocket.



  • Aerodynamic parts were disabled in version 1.4, indicating they do not increase aerodynamicness of rockets, but instead only increase the mass of them. However in version 1.5 aerodynamics were reintroduced and now perform their intended function.
  • Fairings were also in this section, but then relocated in the Fairings tab in 1.5
  • This tab is probably the oldest tab in-game, since it had not changed its name for the past 3–4 years.

Basics ParachuteCapsuleHeat ShieldSeparatorFuel TanksHawk EngineValiant EngineKolibri EnginePeregrine EngineRCS ThrustersSide SeparatorSolid Rocket BoostersAerodynamic Nose ConeLanding Leg
6 Wide 6 Wide Aerodynamic Nose ConeFuel TanksSeparatorHeat ShieldEngine Base
8 Wide 8 Wide Aerodynamic Nose ConeFuel TanksSeparatorHeat ShieldEngine Base
10 Wide Fuel TanksSeparatorHeat ShieldEngine Base
12 Wide Fuel TanksSeparatorHeat ShieldEngine Base
Engines Titan EngineFrontier EngineHawk EnginePeregrine EngineValiant EngineKolibri EngineRCS ThrustersIon Engine
Aerodynamic Parts ParachuteSide ParachuteAerodynamic Nose ConeAerodynamic Fuselage
Fairings Fairing
Structural Structural Part
Other Docking PortLanding LegsIon EngineProbeRCS ThrustersWheelsSolar PanelFuel Pipe
Currently removed in Version 1.5
Removed in older versions
Probe (Large)Fairing AdapterAdapter