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This part or feature has been partially removed
This part or feature is still accessible in the game, but with some limitations.

Batteries are objects that used to store store electricity. There are three variants, differing in size and battery capacity. They are 2×1, 4×1 and 6×1 units in size, and hold 50, 100 and 150 units of electricity respectively.

Regarding 1.5, batteries are being reworked and are possibly going to be readded in a later update as described in the game. 1.5 was planned to rework the electric system but now it is not scheduled to reappear in a later update.

Currently, it could only be found via blueprint editing by naming a part Placeholder Battery or in saved blueprints created before 1.5.


Batteries and an RTG


  • In update 1.5, it was removed while the electric parts were being reworked. It could only be found in saved blueprints or via blueprint editing but is now a grey black block. It does not function and cannot store electricity.
  • The 2×1 battery is actually 1.6 units wide, so only the top and bottom can connect to other parts, not the sides; the other two sizes' sides can. In 1.5, this feature is removed.
  • The battery's size can be only changed by blueprint editing.
    • They are x: 1.0 for small, 2.0 for medium and 3.0 for large.
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