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Ophadamious Ophadamious 3 days ago

The Evacuation (short movie)

The story takes place on Earth.

A mysterious planet appeared in the sky. They tried to redirect it so it doesn't hit the Earth, but they failed.

The Evacuation is an 8-minute long movie made by SpacEE. It was released on January 20, 2022 and now has 8.4 thousand views on YouTube as of January 21, 2022. It is now on a collision course with Earth! But don't panic! We are sending a redirection mission tomorrow to try redirect the planet as much as possible. Let's hope that it will succeed!

STARGAZER 1: Is this fake?
STARGAZER 1: Really?

[The next day, at the protest...]

What is the new planet?
Why you discovered it now? You must've discovered it earlier!

[Scene swi…

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Grefewsa Grefewsa 17 days ago

poll for good updates

well most players want the creator to add water effect so we can land on water to be more realistic like landed in the middile of the ocean

well i dont know how to make actual polls so.

chat sea for the owner to add water update.

or chat land for the owner to not add the water update.

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 31 December 2021

r/SpaceflightSimulator is now private!!!

Today, the reddit community for Spaceflight Simulator is now private!

  • 1 How did it happen?
  • 2 Story
  • 3 When it will end?
  • 4 What caused the toxicity?
  • 5 Conclusion

Because of toxicity issues in the community, the moderators made the community private.

When I visited the SFS community in reddit (for checking new posts) it said:

Cannot view this community

I sent a request to join the community.

It said that it will end when the toxicity is now gone — I mean — fully.

Because of the 1.5.4 update, many players are protesting for engine clipping to be back. They then updated the game. It re-added the engine clipping, but this time, the flames will destroy the part (and the engine itself). The developer said that engine clipping will have overheating issues, so you …

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Hugocc0113 Hugocc0113 28 December 2021

Millard Misions

The Millard Misions are a series of space flight whitch objective is to Set a rocket into a suborbital flight.

In the next table are detaled all the misions of the project:

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Hugocc0113 Hugocc0113 28 December 2021

Catherine Rocket Family

The Catherine Rocket Family was the first one to be built by Space - H, being used for unmanned suborbital flights around the Earth.

In the next table is shown all the rockets in the family:

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 15 December 2021

E: Round 2

__NeTeC__ The Meen es the enle neterel setellete ef Eerth. et dees net heve en etmesphere. Hewever, et hes e recke terreen end e mederetele sezed redees end Hell Sphere. et hes severel creters leke en reel lefe. __TeC__

The Meen es the clesest bede te Eerth end hes e lew grevete (7 temes lewer then thet ef Eerth en-geme) end erbetel velecete, mekeng lendeng berns eese. et es else the plece where pleeers then ge te efter erbeteng the Eerth.

Mene pleeers cheese te ge te the Meen efter erbeteng the Eerth, end eseelle befere veseteng the Red Plenet (Mers).

  • 1 Terreen
    • 1.1 Meveng en the Meen
  • 2 enfermeteen
  • 3 ereend the Meen
    • 3.1 empecters
    • 3.2 Lener prebes
    • 3.3 Lenders
    • 3.4 Meen revers
    • 3.5 Lener spece steteen
    • 3.6 Lener bese
  • 4 Gellere
  • 5 Trevee

The terreen es cevered weth e let ef creters…

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 14 December 2021


Mers es the 4th plenet erbeteng the Sen. ets erbet es hegher then Eerth’s, et 4th plenet frem the sen. et hes e then etmesphere thet es 5 temes es then es Eerth's, whech es esefel fer Merteen etmespherec ectevetees.

Mers es eften ene ef the ferst pleces e pleeer gees efter the Meen. et es else geed fer prectece weth lendeng weth etmespheres, eseng enether plenet's etmesphere fer ectevetees sech es eerebrekeng, end precteceng deckeng en ets meens. Mest pleeers cheese te lend e rever ferst en Mers.

Mers hes e strectere celled elempes Mens, semeler en reel lefe, end ets peek reeches 3860 kelemeters tell. Lendeng en the strectere es deffecelt, dee te the fect Mers's etmesphere es tee then fer even perechetes te eperete nermelle.

Mers hes twe smell meens, …

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The Page Maker The Page Maker 27 November 2021

More engines

In Spaceflight Simulator, there are 5 engines to use, but you can make even more by clipping them.

  • 1 How to clip
  • 2 Examples
    • 2.1 Valiant 2
    • 2.2 Delta
    • 2.3 RS-20
    • 2.4 Titania

In the 1.54 update, part clipping was removed, but there is still a way to do so.

  1. Place the number of engines you want to clip onto the build space. Make sure the first engine you place is at the desired area.
  2. Switch to the staging tab and select all the engines.
  3. Save the build as a blueprint.
  4. Open a file editor, and go to Android > data > com.StefMorojna.SpaceflightSimulator > files > Saving > Blueprints > [Name of blueprint].
  5. In the blueprint file, go to the first engine section. That section is for the first engine you placed.
  6. Copy the x and y coordinates, and paste it on all the engine s…

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 15 November 2021

Wiki statistics

Name of wiki:
Number of articles:
Number of pages:
Earth time: , ,
Day of the week:
Number of files in this wiki:
Number of edits on this wiki:
Number of members in this wiki: , of which are moderators, and are active as of now

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 25 October 2021

Moon Mission using the Selene 1C+ rocket

This is the tutorial on how to go to the moon and back using the Selene 1C+ rocket.

  • 1 The rocket
    • 1.1 Blueprint structure
      • 1.1.1 First sage and boosters
      • 1.1.2 Second stage
      • 1.1.3 Third stage
      • 1.1.4 Lunar module
        • Ascent module
        • Descent module
      • 1.1.5 Command and service module
      • 1.1.6 Payload fairing
      • 1.1.7 Launch abort system
  • 2 Launch
    • 2.1 Liftoff
    • 2.2 Yaw program
    • 2.3 Booster separation
    • 2.4 Launch abort system separation
  • 3 To Earth orbit
    • 3.1 Core stage separation
    • 3.2 Orbit insertion
    • 3.3 Second stage separation
  • 4 Trans-lunar injection
  • 5 Moon landing
  • 6 Docking with CSM
  • 7 Earth return
  • 8 Tips
  • 9 See also

The rocket used is the Selene 1C+, as seen on the right.

The rocket has 3 stages, one lunar module, one command capsule, one service module, a payload fairing and a launch abort system.

The firs…

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 25 October 2021

Selene rocket family

This page lists all variants of the Selene rocket family.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Rockets
    • 2.1 Selene 1A
    • 2.2 Selene 1B
    • 2.3 Selene 1C
    • 2.4 Selene 1C+

The Selene rocket family are rockets that are capable of going to the moon and back. There are four variants of the rocket as of October 25th, 2021 and has 3 stages.

The rocket consists of:

  • The first stage, which will barely bring us to orbit;
  • The boosters, to boost the rocket further into space;
  • The launch abort system, which will bring the capsule to Earth in case of an emergency;
  • The second stage, which gets the rocket to orbit;
  • The third stage, which will get us into the moon,
  • The service module, which has fuel to get the rocket into moon orbit and back;
  • The lunar module, which will land on the moon;
  • The command capsule, …

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 18 October 2021

Mercury flyby technique

Here's how it works:

Escape Earth's gravity fields, then press Earth to navigate to the planet. Do one flyby of Earth and the moon (optional). Click Venus this time to navigate this time to Venus. Do 1 - 3 flybys of Venus. Then, click Mercury as your navigational point, and do 3 - 8 flybys of Mercury. Then, put the spacecraft in orbit around Mercury. Land on Mercury if necessary.

After you landed on Mercury, it is time to head home. Do the same thing as stated above, but differently. Do 1 or 2 flybys of Mercury, 3 flybys of Venus, and 1 flyby of Earth. A moon flyby is optional. Reenter the atmosphere of Earth and return safely to home.

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Maris the Planet Maris the Planet 15 September 2021

Interplanetary Mission

This is crazy in Spaceflight Simulator to conduct, since you need a lot of hard work to do that mission. It requires the Parts and Planets expansion, and adding the other celestial bodies into the game to conduct this mission.

  • 1 The Rocket
    • 1.1 Rocket Parts
  • 2 Liftoff and Climb
    • 2.1 To Earth Orbit
  • 3 Cruise to Mercury
    • 3.1 To Venus Orbit
      • 3.1.1 Orbit insertion using fuel
      • 3.1.2 Using Venus's atmosphere for aerocapture
    • 3.2 Trans-Mercurian injection
    • 3.3 Mercury Landing
    • 3.4 Back to Mercury Orbit
    • 3.5 Rendezvous with Mercury rocket stage
  • 4 Cruise to Venus
    • 4.1 Venus Landing
    • 4.2 Back to Venus orbit and Rendezvous with Venus rocket stage
  • 5 Cruise to Earth
  • 6 Relaunch
    • 6.1 Liftoff and Climb
    • 6.2 To Earth Orbit
  • 7 Cruise to the Moon
    • 7.1 Moon Landing and Return
    • 7.2 Rendezvous with Moon rocket stage
  • 8 Cruis…

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SEAcorp SEAcorp 15 September 2021

Santiago Rocket Family

  • 1 Santiago Rocket Family:
    • 1.1 Santiago 1:
    • 1.2 Santiago 2:
    • 1.3 Santiago 2 Heavy:
    • 1.4 Santiago 3:
    • 1.5 Santiago M1:

the Santiago Rocket Family is a family of expendable/refurbishable launch vehicles capable of lifting payload to LEO and Lunar Orbit. it has a member of 5 rockets with separate capabilities.

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Maris the Planet Maris the Planet 14 September 2021

Launchpad pointer idea

Idea: Make a launch pad pointer that points where the launch pad is. I've never tried this before.

There are two rovers, one on the left and one on the right. They would be large, about the height of the launchpad. There would be a straight structure on top of it, and it another structure on the other side for rovers and other spacecraft to come down. They would consist mainly of:

  • Probes
  • Wheels
  • Struts
  • Fuel tanks (possibly)
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Maris the Planet Maris the Planet 8 September 2021

There must be an infinite build space in SFS...

So we could build large rockets, even the real life rockets that are in real life size!!!

It must be implemented in the Parts Expansion pack though, but in the free version, the build space must be the same dimensions as that in the build space in the current Parts Expansion pack.

Infinite build space is also the dreams of other players, so please add it in the next update...

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EarthMoonExplorer EarthMoonExplorer 22 July 2021

My Mars rocket Martis (latin for Mars)

  • 1 1st stage
  • 2 2nd stage
  • 3 Spaceship
    • 3.1 Landing Stage
    • 3.2 Flyback Stage
    • 3.3 Capsule
  • 4 The meaning of the part names
  • 5 Complete Rocket

It has 3 Big Falcon Engines and 2 lines with each 3 (large) organe fuel tanks.

It will be detached if you are almost in a Low Earth Orbit.

It has an RB-48 L.F. Engine and 3 lagre white fuel tanks.

It will be detached if you are in a Mars transfer orbit.

The Spaceship has 3 parts:

The Landing Stage has a broadsword L.F. Engine, a medium and a small white fuel tank, and 2 Landing Legs too.

The Flyback Stage has a Broadsword L.F. Engine, a medium white fuel tank and 2 solar panels.

It lands the astronauts (CAREFULLY AND WITHOUT DAMAGES!!) on the earth

The meaning of the part names below.

(Without fairing but you can use one)

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SEAcorp SEAcorp 13 July 2021

SFS Rip-off!!!

Posted in: 7/13/21

I found this game in Play Store, and saw a fake version of SFS, i download the game to see if it was the exact same game.

The game was uploaded in June 29, 2021.

It was Chinese so I can't understand,

The game has a LOT of Ads. The texture of parts is the same, but simplified 3d design. When needed a new part, I have to watch Ads first to Unlock it. The design of the game looks copied to the real SFS itself, but less parts, Ads, and 3d.


  • If you want to try it, then try it. You will see how fake it is
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SEAcorp SEAcorp 6 July 2021

I don't know why i made this

needed this list to improve my editing skills in source mode.

it might help you though :)

Help: Designing Your Community

  • Adding Colors
  • Color Hues
  • HTML
  • Wiki Style
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The Page Maker The Page Maker 27 June 2021

Damage and Destruction

When a part collides hard enough, it explodes, but when it collides normally, nothing happens. This blog gives new ideas on damage.

When a part get hit at a velocity higher than 1/2 of its breaking threshold, it will receive damage.

When you click on a part, you can see the amount of damage, which appears in a tab next to the part. The damage level ranges from 1 to 99. When it reaches 100, the part explodes.

Parts with damage below 30 will have its normal texture. If the damage is between 30 and 54, small cracks will appear. If the damage is between 55 and 79, large cracks will appear. Their max velocity before taking damage and exploding will be reduced by 1/4. If the damage is between 80 and 99, some pieces of the part will be gone, and the…

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SEAcorp SEAcorp 26 June 2021

Test Place

due to ongoing pandemic, uprising cases, and weather forecast situations in the country. most workers assigned to work-from-home and less workers work in the Headquarters and implemented HEALTH PROTOCOLS to ensure the SAFETY of our workers

  • Production of rocket and spacecraft parts decreases significantly to 50%
  • launching crew to space will decrease due to COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure their safety.
  • 14 days quarantine and Swab Test will be applicable to workers who we're not assigned to work-from-home and for crew launch/return.
  • Services decreases significantly in 35% activity.
  • Weather Activity affects launch/return capability
  • space station like STA SEA will accommodate 3 crew capacity and International Activities will be declined to ensure there are no COVID-19 va…

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Space Agency Name History

The Agency/Corporation name has unestablished names before being officially established and unestablished for use. (Y'know what I'm talking about?)

  • 1 Lets Get Started!:
    • 1.1 Unused S.A Name/s:
      • 1.1.1 Mira HQ Space and Science Explo. Agency. (M.H.S.S.E.A):
      • 1.1.2 Space Exploration Agency (S.E.A):
    • 1.2 Unused Corporation Name/s:
      • 1.2.1 LEOspace:
      • 1.2.2 SEAx:
      • 1.2.3 LEOspace Affordable Manufactures Enterprise (L.A.M.E):

The M.H.S.S.E.A was supposed to be the Official name for the agency, its second logo has an Among Us crewmate and a Space Agency Logo Rocket as a hat. however the logo was lost and the name was pre-approval before changing it. Its first logo was a Counterpart of Mira HQ from Among Us, added three launchpads, a Space Shuttle, a Falcon 9, and the SLS s…

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Starshipsfs Starshipsfs 26 March 2021


Well now USS Columbia is ready for action!!! The Big thing a planned to do Mercury missions after Jupiter and Eisman do their job.

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Starshipsfs Starshipsfs 25 March 2021

Starfleet ready to help!!

Hello everyone. Starfleet has now beginning new projects like the space elevator on Phobos and a base too. I will need some help of launching starships but built piece by piece:)(Don´t worry about DLC things because its also useful for non-DLC players too thanks to cliping !!

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Alexanderjp32 Alexanderjp32 4 March 2021

PHOBOS 1.0 test launch

PHOBOS 1.0 Launch

The launch primary objective is to test the PHOBOS 1.0 but also to test renovals of the BlueHaven Launch Complex (BHLC) like the addition of the Autonomus Brodcasting and Control System wich does what his name says. The payload is a 250 tons Mass simulator that will also test autonomus system for deorbiting

Launch Complex 10 Log [11/12/20 2:00 GMT-8]

7:13:20 // [ABCS] : Attention to the Complex personel. Order from HQ indicates to start sooner than planned the rollout

7:13:25 // [CLNT VAB] : Beginning rollout. Est. arrival time is 7:58:00

7:46:11 // [CLNT F. PUMP 3] : Explosion detected at: PUMP 3. Procced with extreme caution

7:46:36 // [Auto Log] : Evacuation at a 750 meters radius from the fuel Complex 10. Est. Delay time for…

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ToslawPL ToslawPL 15 February 2021

What made you coming here

Hello everyone!

As you're reading this I assume you're reading our wiki. Or maybe you're even editing it? Yes, everyone comes here for different reasons. Some people need information about how to do something, other ones want to share information they have, and some other people want to keep this place clear and up-to-date. There are as many reasons as people reading and/or editing this wiki.

Also, other thing comes out. Because you didn't know about existance of this wiki before you found it. I assume you just found a link to the wiki somewhere on the internet, googled some information or someone just gave you the link. But then if someone gave you the link, he had to have a reason to do so, too.

Finally, everyone who is here didn't everythi…

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OscarA10 OscarA10 10 February 2021


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Alexanderjp32 Alexanderjp32 14 January 2021

PHOBOS Rocket Family

The PHOBOS Rocket is an superheavy lift launch vehicle based on the SLS with a "jaw" stile fairing for avoiding big concentrations of trash and in the future reusablity of the second stage. The vehciule features 2 6 segment SRB and 2 RS 25 engines in the first stage and 2 connected RS 68 nozzles to a single turbopump. The second stage has a visible instruments unit that contains the computer for launch and in the future one for landing

The phobos 1.0 is a test version for testing the main systems for the PHOBOS but unnecessary things like the 6th segment of the srb is not present

The PHOBOS 1.1 is the first version with all the flight hardware and software that is disponible for missions. It has a payload capacity of 300 tons to Leo and a c…

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An Indonesian Person An Indonesian Person 27 December 2020

Welcome to my space agency!

Link: User Space Agencies/Islamic Space Agency

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DroneBetterDroneBetter DroneBetterDroneBetter 13 December 2020

SFS Engine Calculator

I've programmed a calculator, that tells you the optimal combination of engines to use for any given situation. You have to calculate things like the average gravity it operates under and the average angle it points in, which you'll have to approximate, but it will evaluate all combinations of up to the maximum number of engines you can have. Press Space when you've finished changing statistics.

It can also make graphs (no exporting yet, and very unoptimised), if you press G instead of Space. They currently show engine efficiencies from 0t to 480t of payload mass, but will eventually be configurable (with their own sub-menu) when I optimise the graph generator. Excel and Numbers work with spaces as column delimiters, so it could possibly be…

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Polaris123 Polaris123 18 November 2020

Mission to Europa

Here is the entire series:

All 3

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Billyfox19 Billyfox19 17 November 2020

Is it worth getting the expansion bundle

I think it is but I don't know help

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SPECTRUM - SFS SPECTRUM - SFS 13 November 2020

Gallery of rockets

These are the rockets that only I own and will not give to anybody I have not known.

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SpaceX - SFS SpaceX - SFS 8 November 2020

Starship Lunar lander

  • 1 Lunar Optimized Starship
  • 2 How it's Works?
  • 3 Capability
  • 4 Blueprint

A lunar optimized Starship can fly many times between the surface of the Moon and lunar orbit without leaving any huge stage on moon surface or throw away the engine. The reusability system make less separation event or wasting unused part during operation, which is an old technology.

Starship Lunar lander will stay on Moon Orbit, why so? The crew will depart from the earth to the starship lunar optimized in the moon orbit, after the crew arrives in orbit, the crew vehicle will be docked with the lunar optimized then the crew and cargo will move in, then the lunar optimized starship will undock with the crew vehicle and be ready to land on the lunar surface, that's why it don't n…

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TheIlluminix TheIlluminix 18 October 2020

Imperium Rocket Family

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Imperium 1
  • 3 Imperium 3
  • 4 Imperium-Heavy Launch Vehicle IV (Imperium-HLV IV)
  • 5 Imperium V Block Cargo

The Imperium rocket family is a group of heavy lift rockets primarily used for Mars, Jupiter, and Solar missions. The rocket family has 4 members, 1 of which is in development. New rockets may be added to the family in the future.

Mars and Solar cargo rocket. Has 2 stages and 2 liquid fuel side boosters.

Status: Active

Failures: 1

Engines: First stage, 2 Hawk engines; Second stage, 1 Frontier engine; Side boosters: IMP-1 Booster Short Titan engines

A reusable version of the Imperium 1. Has 2 stages and 2 liquid fuel side boosters. It was ditched because of just how hard it is to land 3 modules at once.

Status: No longer in use

Failures: 2


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SpaceX - SFS SpaceX - SFS 17 October 2020


Reusable is the ability to be used multiple times, in the sfs game, the reusable mechanism is, where we can use the rocket / booster / first stage / multi stage again without having to "Build New Rocket" in menu options. Reusable vehicle should be able to land back on earth safely after reaching a certain orbit to reused on the next mission. You cannot "End Mission" your vehicle after land safely on earth.

RE-ENTRY - Two Stages / Multi stages rocket after separated on the flight should be landed back on earth, to do that, you need to perform Re-entry at Balistic trajectory into landing point or Boost back to Launchpad. When vehicle stages enter the Earth Upper Atmosphere, it call Re-Entry.

LANDING - After succes perform Re-Entry, vehicle mus…

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SpaceX - SFS SpaceX - SFS 17 October 2020

Falcon 9

  • 1 FALCON 9
    • 5.1 GRID FINS
    • 7.1 FAIRING
    • 7.2 DRAGON

First orboital class rocket capable of reflight - Falcon 9 is a reusable, two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX for the reliable and safe transport of people and payloads into Earth orbit and beyond.

Falcon 9’s first stage incorporates 3 Hawk engines and fuel tank.

  • Height : 32 Tiles
  • Width : 2.5 Tiles (5 Wide)
  • Weight : 212 Ton
  • Fuel : 175.5 Ton

The Falcon 9 first stage is equipped with 2 landing legs stowed at the base of the vehicle and deploy just prior to landing. Landing leg deployed when vehicle about 100m above the ground.

Three hawk engine and two valiant Engines at the first stage used to acceleration, reorient dan deaccel…

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Polaris123 Polaris123 15 October 2020

I accidentally reset Spaceflight Simulator.

All my progress is gone.

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Polaris123 Polaris123 15 September 2020

A rocket 🚀 I built

Just my Sedna 84 Rocket (note: this actually would not be able to get to Sedna.) It also has my custom capsule, the Pleiades Capsule (7 parachutes for 7 Sisters). Edit: Sorry! I forgot to add images.

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Polaris123 Polaris123 10 September 2020

I built two Dyson Swarms

One is around the Earth and the other around The Sun 

 Edit: I have added the swarm satellite pictures

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DTKasra DTKasra 24 August 2020



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Alexanderjp32 Alexanderjp32 7 August 2020

Vehicule report 2020

All rockets at the moment designed


UNNAMED STATION 1: The first multilaunch station

I'll go sleep tomorrow i will continue

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Alexanderjp32 Alexanderjp32 3 August 2020

New space shuttle performance report

This report is based on the missions SSTP-0 to SSTP-6

The new shuttle is capable of:

  • Propulsive landing and normal landing
  • Payload retrivery
  • Military uses
  • Research and normal things of a shuttle
  • A crew capacity of 8 and 3 weeks undocked

During this test the uncrewed shuttle is capable of:

  • landing
  • operation in orbit including docking

The results show:

  • capable of normal shuttle activities
  • propulsive landing only in missions that dont include payload retrivery
  • interplanetary missions
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SpaceChicken200 SpaceChicken200 27 July 2020

Launch Register

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Launch Register
    • 2.1 1/8/2020 - RD5-Rex Demo "LEO Mass Simulation"
    • 2.2 4/8/2020 - RD6-Rex Demo "HEO Mass Simulation"
  • 3 Launch Schedule

Hello! this is where you can see all the launch schedules and launch register of NIGST.

Extra Info:

  •  All the info here are uploaded since 1/8/2020
  • All the dates are typed "Day/Month/Year"

This launch was a decisive part of Rex rocket approvance, since is supposed to test the capabilities to LEO of the rocket, It passed it, and it passed it without any difficulties, the payload was a Mass Simulation of 500t, the liftoff was so easy, even considering the weight, it went to a 50km LEO. The next test will be in 2 days

As the RD-5 launch went very good, today we launched from LP-MM-02 the RD-6 mission, another …

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SpaceChicken200 SpaceChicken200 27 July 2020

NIGST Headquarters

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Headquarters
    • 2.1 Main Headquarters - Mexico, Mexico City
      • 2.1.1 Main Headquarter; Visitor Center
    • 2.2 Secondary Headquarter - USA, Washington D.C
      • 2.2.1 Secondary Headquarter; Visitor Center
    • 2.3 Third Headquarter - Mexico, Maria Madre Islands
    • 2.4 Sample Containment - Antartica
    • 2.5 Training Installations - Mexico, Maria Madre Islands
    • 2.6 Mission Control - Mexico, Maria Madre Islands
    • 2.7 Electronics and Parts Manufacturing - Norway, Oslo

This page talks about the NIGST Headquarters and launchpads

These the main installations of NIGST, were we store almost all of our launch date and here is located the Founder´s office.

In the same location as the Main Headquarter, there is the Mexico Visitor Center, where there are some small samples from other planets, elect…

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SpaceChicken200 SpaceChicken200 27 July 2020


This is where all the NIGST news are uploaded and other announcements. 

Extra Info:

  •  All the news here are uploaded since 1/8/2020
  • All the dates are typed "Day/Month/Year"

Today we tested the Rex rocket, it went very fine, and if we do other 5 tests, we will make it an active rocket.

We are updating every linked pages of nexus page, we will also make a entire wiki about it.

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SpaceChicken200 SpaceChicken200 27 July 2020

NIGST Rockets and Projects

You may come from the NIGST page at User Space Agencies, this page is about all NIGST rockets, from the oldest, to the most recent, including a download

Images will be added later

'Read this:' Almost all 1.4 rockets doesnt have a download, but some payloads are downloadable

Here you can find:

  • All Rockets
  • All Capsules-Ships
  • All Payloads
  • All Stations
  • Most Recent Projects
  • All Planned Projects
  • Top Rockets​​​​​​

Hope you enjoy!

This is a rocket used when we need to deploy massive payloads to orbit, it can lift about  200t to HEO (High Earth Orbit), its 2 failures were caused for payload separations and debris, This rocket is the favorite for launches

Editing should continue

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Alexanderjp32 Alexanderjp32 26 July 2020

First gsa docking

That was one of the best moments of my life. Due 1.5 docking was easier and i practiced rendezvous but probably a sunday Ago 2 months my first docking went like this:

1st launch of docking target

2- launch of gemini

3-set as target and starting aproach

4- deacceleration burn 

5-using rcs for aproach and point at docking port

6- dock

That 2 crafts undocked and gemini landed and target craft become the base of my first space station

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TheIlluminix TheIlluminix 21 July 2020

Budget Space Warfare


An enemy satellite has been launched into low moon orbit to destroy our moon bases. We need your help! Using only valiant engines and basic parts, send a craft to destroy the satellite. There is a time limit, so be fast!

Here is the probe you will be destroying:

Objectives: destroy part "Probe" of enemy satellite.

Time limit: 3 minutes, starting at launch.

Proof required for completion: Non edited pictures and/or video

Reward: h o n o r, bragging rights.

Notes: no cheats allowed, but you can use cheats to get the enemy satellite into low lunar orbit. Orbit height of satellite must be around 6000 meters at the apoapsis and periapsis. Entries will be evaluated by the tags smallest rocket and quickest time.

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2020dragons 2020dragons 18 July 2020

Triton rocket family

Notice: The events shown on this page are alternate history and should not be taken as real events. In fact this rocket family never existed in real life.

  • 1 HDM-27 Triton I
  • 2 HDM-47 Triton II
  • 3 Triton III
  • 4 Triton IVA
  • 5 Triton IVB
  • 6 Triton V
  • 7 Triton VI
  • 8 Triton VII
  • 9 Triton VIII
  • 10 Triton IXA
  • 11 Triton IXB
  • 12 Triton X

The HDM-27 Triton I was an intercontinental ballistic missile operated between 1958 and 1961. Its flights were merely test flights with one satellite launch in 14 May 1960. It was retired in 1961, in favor of the Triton II.

The HDM-47 Triton II was an evolved version of the successful Triton I, and by its last flights in 1968, it was used to launch satellites into Earth orbit. Its final flight was in 1974, fully replaced by the Triton III.

First non-I…

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