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This page lists bugs found in Spaceflight Simulator, how to solve them and how to report them.



  • Random arrow after undocking
  • Terrain glitches
    • Temporary solution: if the Earth is on its side or upside-down, reload the rocket
  • SOI bugs related to Planet Editor
  • Blocky cloud graphics
  • Parachute deploys upside down
  • Hitbox glitches
  • Fairing glitches
  • Jupiter with Mars texture
  • Atmosphere and aerodynamics malfunction
    • Aerobraking behaves differently before and after loading a save file
  • Probe music not playing
  • Glitching into the ground
  • Planets not loading correctly
    • Temporary solution: Create a new save at the planet then restart the game.
  • Jupiter appears to have a surface
  • Sudden jumps when driving rovers
  • Blank map
  • Model-dependent lag
  • Teleport glitch
  • Lag over former terrain glitch
  • Build screen overlay on the main launch screen
  • Scrolling out on map crash
  • Loss of parts when landed rockets meet new rockets
  • Game crash on map click
  • Transfer window not appearing in rocket orbit, but appears in planetary orbit
  • Camera follow bug-arbitrary arrow point
  • Disappearing orbit line
  • Sideways parts have poor connections
  • Adding parts to the build editor adds mass and T.W.R even when not attached to a rocket
  • Jupiter atmosphere bottleneck
  • Persistent transfer window after switching rockets
  • Electricity doesn't generate faster while in time warp
  • Map randomly zooming and moving to a different location
  • Parachute deploying when switching back in map view
  • Random teleportation into the Sun when spacecraft goes too far
  • Intense lag when travelling through a planet's surface without rover wheels and with "Unbreakable Parts" on
  • Parachute fully deploying above 250 meters
  • Unable to get the expansion
  • When moving two or more parts into the same place then selecting them both and moving them, the parts stay together when launching. Also known as "clip glitching", similar to what you can do with blueprint editing. Rumour has it that Stef Moroyna wants to keep this in the game [unconfirmed].
  • Using RCS thrusters or Ion Engines after or during a fuel transfer has the potential to immediately set all fuel tanks to 0% fuel remaining.
  • Firing two or more ion thrusters result in intense lagging of the game.
  • No stars appearing in the background when in Physics View

Platform-specific bugs


  • Game doesn't open — version 1.5
  • Rockets landed at a celestial body randomly disappear — version 1.5.5
  • Random crashes — version 1.4.06
  • Game quits when attempting to get to the map when zooming out — version 1.4.06
  • Intense lag when traveling near the sun — version 1.406
  • Disappearing move/tilt buttons — version 1.4.06
  • Random freezing: This one only seems to happen on old iOS devices. SFS keeps freezing on my 4-year old iPad with anything complex, but this doesn't happen on my iPhone 11 Pro, even with a very demanding rocket with 60 Titan engines. — Version 1.5.—


  • Staging glitch — 1.4.06
  • UI responding error — 1.4.06 (attempting to restart the game)
  • Out-of-bound glitches
    • Glitching text
    • Disappearing trajectory line and direction indicator
    • Glitching parts
    • Glitching fuel indicator
    • Glitching map
  • Orbiting spacecraft glitch or disappear upon saving
  • The Menu button and the Map button are covered by tutorial artifacts when played in horizontal mode — Version
  • Eevee Eh HHhH HHhH HHhH HHhH HHhH HHhH...

    Approaching a small spacecraft to a much larger one causes intense lag


  • W and S keys reversed when using RCS

Resolved bugs

Indestructible nose cones

  • By the early versions of SFS, the nose cones, whose primary use was to increase the aerodynamics of the rocket, used to be indestructible, which led to many people using this glitch to build powerful and resistant rockets. The bug was later resolved in 1.27 or 1.3.

Indestructible solar panels

  • In the update 1.3, the newly introduced solar panel was only used for decorative purpose. However, it is indestructible at that update. As the solar panels do not consume fuel, it is commonly used as an impactor. The bug is later resolved in version 1.31.
  • In the update 1.4, solar panels were indestructible when retracted. Version 1.5 resolved this. Now, solar panels are destructible when both extended and retracted.

Other bugs

  • Random crashes
  • Terrain spikes and troughs
  • Random lines near the Moon
  • Random lines out of the solar system
  • Random lag strikes
  • Sudden orbit decay
  • Landing note when docking
  • Reactionless engine
  • Aerodynamic fuselages snapping irregularly
  • Game crash when loading blueprint-edited rockets, or when saving a blueprint with a slash on the name
  • Faster fuel drain
  • Disappearing move/tilt buttons while landing when selecting another rocket
  • Unlimited fuel in RCS
  • Terrain sinking
  • Transfer window appearing even with an encounter
  • Pink textures
  • Staging duplicates itself when activated.
  • For some reason, when you zoom out from Earth (or another planet), sometimes its texture covers the entire screen, and when you zoom out even further, the entire Solar System is rearranged. If you press M to go to the map, then press M again, the Solar System will be fine, but the planet you were looking at (and your ship) disappear. When you zoom in to where your ship should be, and press M twice, it all starts all over again as the planet and ship appear again, but the planet's texture is still glitched.

Not bugs

These have been reported as bugs, but aren't actually bugs.

Oddities caused by blueprint editing 

  • Stef Moroyna maintains that blueprint editing is not to be considered an officially-supported feature, and issues it causes will not be considered bugs.

No music

  • This used to be the most common bug report. Music had been removed from SFS in 1.4, and re-added in 1.5, with more music.

Other bugs

  • Seeing through fairings and separators, a result of the fix for pink textures bug.

Submit a bug

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