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Moon rockets are rockets that are designed to visit the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite. These rockets do not need to be as large and sophisticated as those designed to reach Mars or Jupiter due to the low Delta V required (670 m/s, from orbit). It is recommended that players build Moon rockets after orbital rockets before advancing.

A basic moon rocket with three stages. Download here:


Building a Moon rocket is quite simple compared to building longer-range rockets. A Moon rocket should consist of at least 3 stages:

Stage One

This stage will, or should carry the rocket to closely achieve orbit around Earth.

It should contain at least 1 high-thrust engine (Hawk Engine, Titan Engine or Frontier engine). Have some fuel tanks, but not too much (6 wide or more is recommended). It is also viable to add a pair of boosters which run out of fuel first to be staged with side separators (see figure 2). The boosters can be ignited before the first stage fires its engine(s) to get to orbit.

Stage Two

The second stage will get the rocket into a parking orbit, and shoot the rocket into a trans-lunar injection and optionally put the rocket into a lunar orbit.

It should be propelled by a vacuum engine, like the Valiant Engine or Frontier Engine.

Stage Three

The third stage will (or should) land on the moon, and optionally, return to Earth. It should usually be propelled by a small engine like the Kolibri Engine. Add a pair of landing legs to cushion the impact while landing on the moon, in case you don't slow down early enough. If it can get back to Earth, it should have a capsule (that can carry astronauts), parachutes (to slow down into the atmosphere during landing on Earth) and a heat shield to protect it against the heats of reentry.

Other stages

It can have up to 5 stages for multi-moon missions (say, from Jupiter, starting on one of its moons through alternative means)

Real Moon rockets

Rockets that have went to the Moon in real life. The most famous example: the Saturn V. There's even rockets that were intended to be launched ON the Moon's surface.

  • Saturn V
  • N1-L3
  • SLS
  • Starship HLS
  • Atlas-Agena
  • Delta 1000
  • Delta II
  • PSLV
  • Proton-K/D
  • Molniya-M
  • Luna 8K72
  • Juno II
  • Thor
  • H-IIA
  • Long March 3 Rockets
  • Long March 4
  • Long March 5
  • Long March 9
  • H3
  • Proton/Zond (Launched Zond Payloads)
  • Falcon 9
  • Vulcan Centaur
  • Falcon Heavy
  • Atlas V
  • M-Series of rockets (Launched Hiten)
  • Titan 23G (Launched Clementine)
  • Soyuz


  • Create a quicksave in case you make a mistake.


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