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A Capsule is a part that can allow control over a rocket. It has good aerodynamics and is currently only available in a small size. This capsule can carry 1 astronaut. It has a stronger torque than a probe, which makes controlling a rocket with a capsule faster to rotate, although large rockets need more capsules to rotate faster.


Orbital rocket

An orbital rocket with a capsule

  • The capsule was the first part added to the game along with Separators, Hawk Engine, Valiant Engine, Fuel Tank, and a few more.
  • It is likely inspired by the capsule used in NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Freedom missions and the Mk1 Command Pod in KSP. In real life, the capsule does not have a reaction wheel to produce torque. The astronauts could have spun around inside it, but it would likely have produced less than a specialized reaction wheel (depending on power).
  • The lowest layer of tiles now has attachment points on the side, unlike the other three layers.
  • The Capsule's description says that it holds one astronaut. In real life, similar ones can hold 4, 7, or even 13 astronauts at once.
  • The top of the Capsule is designed to join to the 2×1 docking port and parachute without overhangs, for optimal aerodynamics.
  • Within the files the capsule with the heat shield is referred to as CapsuleNew while the capsule with no heat shield is referred to as just Capsule.
  • A capsule with a top parachute on it is called a Capsule + Parachute.
  • You can customize your capsule's skin by putting a 10t fuel tank on it, and putting it with a parachute on top. It can also be put with RCS Thrusters, so you can control your capsule's trajectory.


  • Prior to 1.4, the Capsule had what looked like an ablative heat shield on its bottom, and when the part was re-textured in, the heat shield was added back, but brighter than the original. In 1.5.3, the heat shield separated from the capsule and became its own part.
  • In older versions of the game, the capsule used to be 4 blocks tall. On 1.35 it was 5 blocks tall, on 1.5 it returned to 4 blocks tall, at, it was 4 1/2 blocks tall, and on 1.5.3 it returned to 4 blocks tall.
  • On 1.35, the part was renamed the "Command Module", but in a later version (1.5) it was renamed back to "Capsule".

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