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An engine base is a part that is a fuel tank but with fins. They vary in size from 6 wide. The smallest one is free. They can be used for decorations and hiding an engine's top.

The 6-wide engine base has only 2 fins but bigger ones have 4 fins.

The engine base can be clipped/connected to an engine and connected to another fuel tank on top.


  1. Decorative purposes
  2. Covering engines
  3. Hiding engine's top


  • This was added in 1.5.3, for a temporary replacement for fins. But fins are later added in a later update, but they still remain.
  • The part's size is 1 block taller than the small-medium fuel tank.
  • The wider engine bases are based on the Saturn V while the 6-wide engine base have a similarity to the Atlas-Agena and Atlas-Centaur.

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