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General FAQ

Q: How do I get to the planet editor and part editor?
A: Planet and part editing is both available on Android and on iOS (as of 1.52). On your mobile device, download a file or text editing app. Find a folder titled "Stef Moroyna". There should be multiple files, Just check through all of them until you find the right file. For Android, go to path: Android/data/com.StefMorojna.SpaceflightSimulator/files/Custom Solar Systems/Custom-System-Folder

Main article: Planet Editor Tutorial

Q: I just bought the Parts Expansion on Android but it isn’t showing up.
A: Make sure you are logged into the the Google account you bought the Parts Expansion with. Next, clear the cache memory of Spaceflight Simulator and the Google Play Store. This will not delete your game progress. Reopen SFS and click buy again. The game will check the purchase status with the Google Play server, and the expansion will be available for use. Unfortunately, this method isn't possible on iOS due to the lack of access to an apps cache.

Q: How can I help contribute to Spaceflight Simulator?
A: Contributing to the game is as simple as playing and enjoying the game. You can buy the Expansions to support the developers including Stef Moroyna. You can also give feedback of the game through different communities. For example, you can point out things that you do not like or think require amendment.

Q: Can I sync my expansion pack across my iOS and Android devices?
A: No, iOS and Android use separate purchase systems.

Q: How do I edit textures on parts?
A: Select by tapping the part in question, then click the textures button at the same time to scroll through the textures. Guide to part skins here.

Q: How do I use the planet editor?
A: The "Planet Editor" isn't a program. It is game coding that allows the user to edit the planet text files and install new textures. Install a text editor. Copy an already existing text file. Then edit, rename and save the text file to (Name).txt - replace (Name) with your planet name. Then insert the file in the Planet Text folder.

  • On nearly all Android devices the files can be found in Android/data/com.StefMorojna.SpaceflightSimulator/files/Custom Solar Systems/(Folder you want to edit).

Q: What file formats work for textures?
PNG, JPG(also known as JPEG and JFIF) formats all work (if you are making textures for atmospheres, be careful on saving the file, for make a gradient transparent the file should be .png).

Q: How do I install planet packs?
A: Unzip the text file into the Planet Text folder.

Q: Where are the files located?
Under Android/data/com.StefMorojna.SpaceflightSimulator/files

  • Saves are under files/Saving/Worlds/(Your World)/Quicksaves
  • Planets and texture under files/Custom Solar Systems/(Planet Pack)/Planet Data (for planet data or Texture data for textures
  • Blueprints are in files/Saving/Blueprints/"blueprintName"

Q: My changes aren't showing up. Why?
You have to edit the text file itself. To add more planets, simply add more text files. For a comprehensive tutorial, see Planet Editor Tutorial.

Q: Why isn't the download button working?
The system is disabled and is being worked out as of version 1.4.

It is recommended you save your game prior to adding a new planet. There are reports of all builds in space being lost after creating a new planet. It should also be good practice not to "Resume Game" but instead selecting "build new rocket" after adding a planet.

Q: When is the next update?

Modding FAQ

Q: Are there mods for mobile?
A: Not for 1.35. However, the Spaceflight Simulator Mod Loader(SFSML) is available for Android. Mods are not available on any iOS version.

Q: How do I mod?
A: Modding requires C# and Unity knowledge. Look in the pins of the Spaceflight Simulator Discord modding channel for links to tools such as dnSpy which allow viewing the game code.

Q: How do I make texture mods?
A: Download UABE from the pins of #modding from the official SFS server. Then, open the asset files in the game's main folder, such as sharedassets0.assets. You'll see different texture components which correspond with textures in the game. You can download their .png by - clicking on the texture component and then clicking Plugins --> export to .png. Reupload the edited file by clicking on the texture then clicking Plugins --> edit --> load and selecting the new .png, and then saving the new file with File --> Save.

Q: How do I install .dll mods?
A: Download SFSML from Github ( and replace the Assembly-CSharp.dll in the Managed folder of SFS with it. Then run the game once. Now you can put your mods in SFSML --> Mods --> priority/ normal.

Q: How do I install texture mods?
A: Drag the asset files into the SFS folder and confirm replacing the old ones. Warning: you can't go back without the original asset files.