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Mars' Hill sphere, and Deimos's orbit is shown further out.

A gravitational sphere of Influence is how large a planet's gravitational influence reaches into space. Except for the Sun, all planet's SOI end at a finite point. 

The SOI system only works for three-body or greater system, plus mass of the primary body to be much greater than the mass of the secondary body.

How to calculate a hill sphere. a is the semi-major axis of the orbit, m is the mass of the object that orbits its parent body, and M is the mass of the parent body.

This is a list of SOI distance of bodies in game.

Body SOI Distance
The Sun Infinite
Mercury 4,605,663 m
Venus 23,409,729 m
Earth 29,679,188 m
Moon 1,440,087 m
Mars 15,699,414 m
Phobos 26,062 m
Deimos 39,068 m
Jupiter 1,927,438,908 m
Io 1,136,365 m
Europa 933,685 m
Ganymede 2,725,058 m
Callisto 3,936,447 m

Lagrangian Points

In real life, there are Lagrangian points, but they do not exist in-game. There are five of those points:

  • The L1 point is located in front of the planet's hill sphere.
  • The L2 point is located behind the planet's hill sphere.
  • The L3 point is located opposite of the planet.
  • The L4 and L5 points are located on about 60 degrees of the planet orbiting it.

Creating the Lagrangian points in the game is very difficult.