Spaceflight Simulator Wiki

Below are ways in to install Spaceflight Simulator on different platforms. The game is available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store, and in Steam.


Spaceflight Simulator on Google Play Store.

Open the page at the Play Store link on your device, or a PC to remote-download it to an Android device.

For downloading directly from the Android device:

  • Click on Install.
  • Click on Open.

For downloading from a PC:

  • Click on install.
  • Choose the destination Android device (connected to the PC).
  • Enter your Google Account password to confirm if needed.
  • Download using an Android emulator (Like BlueStacks or LDPlayer)

After following either sequence, exit to the Android device's home screen to see a loading bar as the game downloads and installs.


Visit the App Store through the App Store Link.

  • Install the game.
  • Enter your Apple ID's password to confirm the download if needed.

macOS and Linux

macOS and Linux both have ports of the game that are available here.

  • Choose between the macOS or Linux port.
    • The Linux port is universal, and works on every distribution.
  • Extract the downloaded .zip compressed archive.
  • Run the game executable file in the extracted folder.
    • In Linux, you will find an x86 and x86_64 file. Open up the one matching your computer's architecture (_64 is the 64-bit version).

Your game data can be transferred between versions using the SFSxxx_Data folder.

Windows (PC)

Steam version is out: 12 dollars (depends on region)

The version for Android can be played on a PC with the help of an Android emulator, but this is not an official way to run the game. Problems and glitches may occur, but you can run the most recent version on the Play Store at all times. Steam version out so SFS isn't supporting 32-Bit OSes now, unless you have 1.35 with ModLoader and TextureLoader, so you can make mods using Unity by adding parts and staging from 1.5

An easy instruction:

  1. Download link: Forum
  2. Download your version of SFS (32-/64-bit)
  3. Extract the .zip-file anywhere.
  4. Launch the file "SFS1.35.exe" in the SFS-1.35-directory.
  5. Go to build mode "Build New Rocket".
  6. Then press "t" if you want to have the full version.
  7. Enjoy it!!! :)


  • Kerbal Space Program
  • SimpleRockets2

Note: If you uninstall the game, all progress will be lost. If you bought any expansions, you can restore the purchases, but not between iOS and Android.