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The Kolibri Engine (called Grasshopper L.F. Engine until 1.5) is a small engine. The engine is the third smallest (2×3 or 4×3 units depending on the fuel tank it adapts to) and third lightest engine, behind the RCS Thrusters and Ion Engine. The Kolibri is normally used on smaller crafts for landing on and ejecting from bodies with low gravity. It produces a purple-pink flame. The Kolibri Engine burns 5t of fuel in about 1.5 minutes. It has 89% the efficiency of a Hawk Engine, 80% the efficiency of a Valiant Engine and 159% the efficiency of RCS Thrusters. On Earth, it can lift 14.5t.


  • Its original name was likely a reference to SpaceX's test rocket Grasshopper.
  • Its current name means "hummingbird" in several European languages like Hungarian. Both grasshoppers and hummingbirds are small animals, alluding to its low size and thrust, so it is sometimes called as Grasshopper Engines.
  • This engine likely burns methalox (liquid methane and liquid oxygen), because methalox powered engines give off a purple flame.
  • If you put two of these engines on a 30t Fuel Tank, it will lift off without support.


Until it was renamed in 1.5, the Kolibri Engine was called the Grasshopper L.F. Engine, and emitted a blue-yellow flame.


Pre-1.5 Kolibri Engine in action in space. The blue-yellow flame can be observed.

Close up of the current version

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