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Nose cones are six aerodynamic parts designed to increase the aerodynamics of rockets. Slanted variants, which form right-angled triangles, are available for all sizes.

Large nose cones function identically to small ones. The cone sizes are 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 units. All cones have a slightly grey section on the top, and shading along their sides, but they can be removed with skins.


  • In the 1.2 update, all variants of the nose cones were unbreakable.
  • Until 1.4, there used to be 2 variants of the slanted nose cone, one pointing right and the other left. After the 1.4 update, only one variant of the slanted nose cone remains, as the 'flip' feature/Symmetry Mode in Build Mode rendered having more than one type useless.
  • Aerodynamics were disabled/wonky in 1.4, and nose cones are used for purely aesthetic purposes, but reenabled in 1.5.
  • In 1.5, 6-wide slanted, 8-wide centered and 8-wide slanted nose cones were added.
  • At and above 1.5, nose cones can be skinned.
  • In 1.5, the shape of the 6×6 nose cones were changed to be the 4×4 ones scaled up.
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