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For the larger removed variant of the probe, see Probe (Large). For other uses, see Probe (disambiguation).

The Probe is a small part that functions similarly to the Capsule, granting control over the craft it is attached to. It is usually used when a capsule cannot fit, and while its torque leaves a lot to be desired, its smaller mass is essential on those rockets where mass is precious. The probe can be used as a satellite core and can be attached to something that needs to be controllable (for example a reusable first stage).

Although probes weigh less than Capsules, they have less torque, and are not as aerodynamic.

The small probe contains a number of Easter eggs. When zoomed in it reads "Made on Earth by humans", a reference to the Tesla Roadster flown on the Falcon Heavy test mission, and when it is tapped in-game, it plays a few notes of David Bowie's Life On Mars, another reference to the first Falcon Heavy launch.

A close up reveals writing on the probe's faceplate


  • As of the 1.5 update, there is a glitch when there is no Life on Mars sound.
  • Unlike its removed larger counterpart Probe (Large), the probe is the only one that has writing on it.
  • In the 1.4 update, the Probe was moved to utility because it was added back last minute after disappearing in the beta.
  • From 1.5 onwards, excepting clip glitching, parts can only be attached to the top and bottom, and the sides' metal overhangs; the centres of the sides are indented, so parts that don't reach the edges (like Docking Ports) won't attach and will fall off.
  • A small satellite can be created by changing the width value to 1.0 with the part.
  • Most new players put a capsule over a probe to increase torque.
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