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This part is not in the game
This part was removed in a recent update, and is no longer in the game.

Probe (Large) is a large variant of the Probe, functioning identically to it. The only difference between the two is their sizes and torques; the smaller one has a width of four units with two kilonewton torque, but the larger is six units wide and has twice the torque.

The large probe was usually used on rockets built with large parts with widths larger or equal to six units, as the old adapterprobe combination may take up too much space and mass, and will possibly cause adverse aerodynamic effects.


The Large Probe's blank faceplate.

  • Unlike the smaller counterpart, the large probe has only shaded shapes but not writing "Made on Earth by humans" on it.
  • After the backlash of No Probe 1.4, the large probe is removed from the user interface, and from that point it could only be added to a rocket via blueprint editing, when changing the name of a random part to Big Probe. The part is now accessible only by changing the probe's size to 3.0 in the width value as of