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For the top parachute variant, see Parachute

Side parachutes being deployed on a scientific probe that will land on Earth

The Side Parachute is a side mountable parachute, able to attach to all sides of fuel tanks and struts. It functions identically to the regular upward-facing parachute.

Side parachutes that are in the final stage of deployment

It has its own deployment sequence: partial deployment and full deployment. Partial deployment will not prevent parts from breaking on contact (unless the planet you're landing on has a very thick atmosphere and relatively low gravity). Full deployment will, slow down most rockets to prevent part destroying. The parachute can be cut.

The side parachute cannot deploy at speeds greater than 250 m/s or less than 3 m/s. It also cannot deploy in a vacuum like space. The parachute needs to be lower than 2500 meters (6250 in Mars, 7500 in Jupiter) to half deploy, and lower than 500 meters (1250 in Mars, 1500 in Jupiter) to fully deploy.


  • The side parachute has never been able to adapt on its short side, but the top parachute could adapt to both top and bottom before 1.4.
  • If flipped on its side, the side parachute would be about 50% of the height of the 1×1 structural part making it the shortest part in the game at 0.25 meters.
  • The side parachute can even be used as a decorative part on sides of rockets or anything.
  • Like the normal parachute it also loses its cover.
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