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Solid rocket boosters (abbreviated as SRBs) are boosters that are designed to boost the rocket to reach space. They contain solid fuel inside it, instead of liquid fuel. Once ignited, they cannot be throttled or stopped until they run out of solid fuel. They are available in two sizes, one is the size of a 4×5 fuel tank, the other is the size of the 4×9 fuel tank, and one for the Space Shuttle. They cannot be skinned/painted.


The 4×5 Variant is free. The 4×9 Variant is accessible upon enough funds and researching


  • These are only accessible in career mode.
  • As of January 29, both SRBs are named just "Solid Rocket Booster". However, in blueprint file, they have names: "Booster Tut 1" and "Booster Tut 3".
  • Solid rocket boosters can heat up things even when they are turned off. This was fixed in version
  • Solid rocket boosters have a small time delay between being tapped and igniting.
  • SRBs have a similar flame to the Hawk Engine flame.
  • There is a variant that it is from the SRB of the Space Shuttle. It appeared on the SFS Steam Beta Version, but it's currently under development.
  • The Solid Rocket Booster was based on the Space Shuttle's boosters.
  • Solid rocket boosters in real life slowly become less powerful as they run out of fuel.
  • They are even called "Solid Rocket Motors".
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