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Parts Expansion Required
Some or all of the parts and/or features on this page require the Parts Expansion in-app purchase.

Structural Parts are lightweight, non-detachable struts used to connect objects. The differences between the five variants are length and mass. These parts are not very aerodynamic.

The Parts Expansion or the Builder Bundle are required to unlock the 8×1 and 12×1 variants.

Structural parts can be used in rovers and space stations, as they're the lightest way to connect two parts. Fairings can be connected to rockets by putting structural parts beneath them, preventing them from opening.

Ion engines, wheels and docking ports don't need to be directly connected to specific parts, and structural parts can provide more surface area for them or allow them in locations with surfaces pointing in wrong directions (though Ion Engines can also be placed in columns on top of each other).

They can also be used in launch towers, as extensions at the tops of landing legs (to reach the ground beneath large engines) or as a rocket's impactor stage.


  • Until 1.5, other structural parts weighed 0.04t/m², but the 8x1 part weighed 0.0375t/m² (6.25% less), making it the lightest per area and length.
  • The number of diagonal girders in the models is 2 times their length in units, minus 1. The mass would be approximately proportional to the total girder length, 2+2l+sqrt(2)*(2l-1), where l is part length. Longer parts would be lighter per m², making the 8x1 part's disproportionately low weight more accurate.
  • The code name of the Structural Part in BP Editing is Strut. For its Texture in BP Editing, the code is "Strut_Gray".


  • In 1.5, their weights were changed from 0.04t to 0.05t (1×1), 0.08t to 0.1t (2x1), 0.16t to 0.2t (4×1) and 0.3t to 0.4t (8×1), and the 12×1 part was added.
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