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The Titan Engine is the largest engine in the game. It has the second lowest efficiency (tied with the Hawk Engine and after the RCS Thrusters), and the highest thrust of any engine in the game. On Earth's surface, a Titan Engine can lift up to 400t with no assistance. It is the larger version of the Hawk Engine, and the first stage counterpart to the Frontier Engine. It burns through a 5t fuel tank in about 3 seconds.


  • This engine used to be called the Big Falcon Engine.
  • In 1.35, the flame was changed to a plume, and the shock diamond was removed.
    • This name is likely a reference to Big Falcon Rocket, a previous name of SpaceX's Starship.
  • The engine's flame animation was changed in the 1.35 update.
    • It used to have a flame similar to the real-life RS-68 engine.
  • The Titan engine's thrust was increased in the 1.4 update.
  • This engine most likely represents the Rocketdyne F-1 engine.
  • The engine's nozzle color was slightly changed in 1.4.
  • The Titan Engine is the 6 wide Hawk Engine and symmetrical to the Hawk Engine, which is asymmetrical.
  • This engine likely burns kerolox (kerosene and liquid oxygen), because kerolox powered engines give off an opaque plume.
  • Landing legs might be tricky to use with this engine because the normal attachment point for the legs make it the same height as the engine
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