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Version History

This version history spans from the initial release (1.0) to the 1.5.6 update.

1.0 (Initial Release)

November 30th, 2017


Released Jan 31st, 2018.

Little late posting this, but change log for last update:
• Fixed bug that caused rockets to sink into the ground on loading.
• Fixed prograde marker pointing the wrong way.
• Fixed a spelling error.


Released February 6th, 2018

• Complete rework of the build system, parts can now also be rotated and flipped (Unfortunately, old saves are not compatible with the new system).
• 3 new structural parts and 2 new fuel tank shapes.
• Increased build space.
• Added return to build option.

• Terrain sinking bug.
• Bug that caused parts to fly off at high velocity.
• A bug where rockets disappeared when changing Sphere of Influence in real time.
• Several small issues.


Released February 7th, 2018
I have read all of your reviews, yes all of them! (I can't reply to all of them, sorry), I'm aware of the issues with the new build system, and working like crazy on fixing them.

• Fixed rocket not launching (sorry about that).
• Added zoom buttons.
• Parts now appear above your finger, this should help you see where you are placing your part.
• Added an auto correct system that helps with parts snapping.
Landing Leg and Parachute now turn automatically to stick to surfaces.


Released February 20th, 2018

This update brings improvements to the build system.

• Parts now smoothly snap to each other.
• Parts now try to not be placed one on another.
• This and many other small changes I made should make building a LOT easier.
• Please keep giving me feedback about the build system, I still read all the reviews.
• Added side facing nose cones (under utility).
• Fixed performance issues.
• Fixed bug that caused some parts to load incorrectly.

Sorry for so many updates, but this are things that I need to fix.


Released March 29th, 2018

• Added a new wheel (free version).
• Added sandbox mode options (Parts Expansion).
• Adjusted prices for other countries (Russia: 270 Russian Ruble -> 200 Russian Ruble, Brazil: 14 Brazilian Real -> 8 Brazilian Real, Poland: 16 Poland złoty -> 12 Poland złoty, India 260 Indian Rupee -> 200 Indian Rupee, etc. etc.).
• You can now move camera in game view.
• Added a new docking tutorial.
• Added community links.
Fairings now detach from any non fairing part when deployed.
• Fixed: ground teleport bug, extra velocity bug, undock bug etc. etc..


Released on May 8, 2018

  • Added*
    Rocket sharing (It might be buggy for the first few days, will get stable with time).
    Electric system.
    Ion engine, Big panels, 3 Batteries, RTG, 8x1 structural part, and 6x2 tank.
    Fuel Transfer.
    No gravity and Unbreakable parts settings.
    New flame effects.
    New expansion sale page.
  • Fixed*
    Directional arrow.
    Sandbox settings bug.
    Fixed many other small bugs.

1.35 Beta

Released as an apk on May 6th, 2018

New parts, batteries in 3 sizes, 2 more electric generating devices, and a new engine.


Released on September 1, 2018.


  • Frontier Engine thrust nerfed
  • Titan Engine (previously known as Big Falcon Engine) thrust buffed
  • Ion engine thrust nerfed.
  • Big falcon engine renamed to titan engine
  • RB-48 Renamed to Hawk Engine
  • Engines now do not have engine covers unless you put them on the appropriate fuel tank
  • New engine flame effects
  • Adaptable fuel tanks and fairings
  • Rocket skins
  • Giant
  • New fairings
  • Side separator separation force buffed
  • Side fins in two sizes
  • Build space increased vertically
  • Thick line in the middle of the Build Editor to indicate the middle
  • TWR and mass indicator on the bottom of the build space
  • Earth's Sphere of Influence is smaller
  • Jupiter and its 4 Galilean moons: Callisto, Ganymede, Europa and Io
  • Bigger Launch Pad
  • New brighter lighting
  • Clouds
  • Small docking ports and some big fuel tanks are now free


Released on September 9, 2018.

Bug fix update.

  • Fixed crashing
  • Fixed bug that teleports players to the sun
  • Fixed terrain sinking on load
  • Fixed old saves compatibility, old parts are replaced by a placeholder.
  • Fixed loading menu
  • Fixed Terrain Bumps bug
  • Fixed Rocket velocity at launch bug
  • Fixed arrow keys disappearing


Released on June 4th, 2020.

Nicknamed the Foundation Update

  • Added a new worlds system
  • In the future, worlds will allow you to have a separate sandbox and career worlds
  • Each world can have its own set of custom planets
  • Added a legacy system that automatically converts 1.4 saves to 1.5 saves
  • Works with blueprints, quicksaves, and custom planets
  • Increased zoom distance
  • Increased build area height
  • Added build persistent
  • Added symmetry mode
  • New build grid texture
  • Improved part adaptation system, parts now adapt to a more wide variety of sizes, newly placed part now adapts to existing ones
Select Tool:
  • Click on parts to select
  • Move multiple parts
  • Rotate/flip multiple parts
  • Change skins of multiple parts
  • Duplicate selected parts
  • Menus are shown only when parts are selected, freeing up screen space
  • Added big landing legs
  • Added 6 and 8 wide nose cones
  • Added 4×6, 6×6, 8×6 and 12×6 fuel tanks
  • Added 12 wide strut
  • Added 2 and 4 high fairing sections
  • Added big fairing nosecone
  • New model for every single engine
  • Improved flame effects
  • New solar panels texture
  • Improved parachutes model
  • New skins system that combines colors and shapes
  • All skins for every fuel tank
  • New gray, orange, stripes, and metal textures
  • Added skins to fairings, nosecones, and separators
  • Improved part clicking, part on the top is now always the one that gets clicked
  • Added revert to launch and revert to build
  • Improved fuel transfer
  • Added horizontal/vertical velocity indicators
  • Added Achievements for lower/upper atmosphere, high/low/capture orbit and crashes
  • Reduced Phobos and Deimos diameter to a more realistic size
  • Completely new aerodynamics systems, drag now only applies to exposed surfaces (will be easier to visualize once re-entry is added)
  • New cleaner visual design
  • New smooth animations
  • High detail terrain in Map Mode
  • Added a completely new navigation system, select a destination and an optimal trajectory to an encounter will be automatically calculated
  • Reworked touch input system, this massively improved the touch experience
  • Dark UI
  • Translucent UI
  • More responsive buttons
  • Opening any menu pauses the game
  • New end mission menu
  • New Roadmap and patch notes
  • Settings are now accessible from any scene
  • Added renaming and reordering to load menu
  • Added load screens
  • Added translations
  • Added translations folder that allows you to easily create custom translations
    • More languages coming soon
  • New star background
  • New part lighting system
  • New part render order system (no more depth glitches)
  • Added 3 new music tracks, Depths of Space, Space whales, Long journey
  • Added option to purchase specific expansions
  • Added expansions bundle
  • Added prices in local currency
  • Improved performance of big rockets by 2-3×
  • Reduced startup time by 5×. Expect more performance improvements in the future
Planet Editing:
  • Each world can have a different set of custom planets
  • Added custom heightmaps folder
  • Textures and heightmaps now use width/height for sizing
  • Detail levels are now automatically generated
  • Game now exports an example solar system file
  • Game now retains default solar system
  • Time warp max and zoom distance now automatically scales with planet sizes
  • Added an extensive planet editing debug system
Blueprint Editing:

Blueprint editing is not an officially supported feature, but this update still brings some exciting changes that will benefit it

  • Some parts now have width/height/size variables, part properties will now scale with them
  • Part pivots are now always top center or bottom center
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed music not playing
  • Fixed rocket teleportation
  • Fixed falling through ground
  • Fixed aerodynamics not working
  • Fixed arrow keys disappearing
  • Fixed faster fuel drain bug
  • Fixed mercury texture
  • Fixed RCS using electricity
  • Fixed 45+ other smaller bugs


Released on May 1st, 2021

New rocket select system
  • Added selecting rockets from physics view
  • Added naming and renaming rockets
  • Stages can now be organized either in the build editor or during flight.

See Staging for more details.

Build improvements

Improvements to the build system include:​

  • Adjust the amount of fuel in a fuel tank​
  • Deploy landing legs before flight​
  • Turn engines on before flight​
  • Extend solar panels before flight ​
  • And more... ​
Bug fixes and Translations
  • Fixed lots of small bugs​
  • Added Korean translations​

Released on May 11th, 2021

  • 10+ bug fixes
  • Added new staging feature (Play button on a stage)

Released on October 19th, 2021

  • Fixed camera bug
  • Fixed fairing animation bug
  • Fixed rockets disappearing
  • Fixed docking bug
  • Shortened launch warnings
  • Fixed purchases offline
  • Added new Staging features (long tap a stage and drag it to the desired position)


Released on December 10th, 2021

Main additions
  • Reentry effects
  • Burn marks
  • Heat shields
  • Engine base part
  • Improvements to staging
  • Physics time warp
  • No heat damage cheat
  • Recover button
  • Returned old height achievements
  • Re-entry achievements
Minor additions
  • Smooth shading on all parts
  • Recover button
  • Changed End mission to Recover / Destroy
  • Removed end mission button from pause menu
  • Moved height / velocity in horizontal mode
  • Smooth engine gimbals
  • Improved planet focus
  • Camera shake with explosion


Released on December 26, 2021

  • Added infinite build area
  • Added new expansions
  • Disabled engine clipping
  • Engines now burn parts
  • Added a part clipping cheat


Released on January 26th, 2022

  • Planet landmarks
  • No burn marks cheat
  • Smooth camera on stage detach
  • Horizontal screen mode in build
  • Per world cheat settings
  • Faster saving
  • Blueprint sharing


  • Added achievements list to space center
  • Added space center to classic mode
  • Added 3× timewarp
  • Moved video tutorial button from home to hub/build/world
  • Added planet orbit eccentricity
  • Simplified landmarks text for translations
  • On collision, game will switch to debris; if no debris, failure menu will be shown after 3 seconds